SANDWICHES                      JACKET POTATO

BLT              £3.50

Chicken       £3.50                                              £4.00

Prawn          £3.50                                  Extra fillings 50p each

Ham             £2.50

Cheese        £2.50

Egg Mayo    £3.00                               SET BREAKFAST

Tuna Mayo  £3.00                         Egg,Sausage,Bacon,Tomato,Beans,

Sausage      £3.00                           Mushrooms,Hash Brown, Toast,Tea 

Bacon          £3.00                                               Coffee

Extra fillings 50p each                                          £6.50

                                                                  (double up for £8.50) 

PANINI'S   £4.00                          GOODIES

Brie,Bacon &                                  Cakes              £2.00

Caramelised Onion,                       Brownies/tarts  £1.50

Tuna Melt with Cheese,                 Teacakes          £1.50

Ham, Cheese & Pickle. 

Chicken and spicy cheese



Scrambled eggs on toast

Poached eggs on toast

Beans on toast

Portion of toast with jam/marmalade

Eggs Benedict

Bacon or sausage and egg muffin








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